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Are there better days coming in new 90210 promo?

CW released a new promo for the fall premiere of 90210 and it looks like summer is definitely over for our favorite Beverly Hills drama.

A new 90210 promo from the CW, interestingly titled “Better,” gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect when the drama returns on September 13.

Did anyone else like it better when the words “Beverly Hills” were attached to the 90210 part? Anyway, back to what’s going down in the world’s most famous zip code starting in September, because we know you just can’t wait.

Summer is over and you know what that means — pledge week! The promo shows Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) in her undies (or is it a bkini?) walking through the campus and we can only hope this is a sorority rush gag — please let it be a dare. Although, you never know with this girl.

There’s also a nice rock on hand that we seriously want for ourselves and when you check out the promo you’ll see the sparkly ring.

Oh, to top it off, someone still be trying to keep quiet about being pregnant (we’re talking about you Naomi). She’s all over this promo!

Check out the new “Better” promo and tell us what you’re looking forward to when 90210 premieres on September 13 on the CW.

We want to hear from you — what CW show’s premiere are you eager to see?

Season four photo poster courtesy of CW

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