Andy Samberg plays nerdy puppeteer in What’s Your Number?

Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg brings out the LOL’s in this exclusive sneak peek of the actor as a nerdy puppeteer in his new movie, What’s Your Number?

Andy Samberg in What's Your Number?

The new movie What’s Your Number? has quite the eclectic cast of comedians (Andy Samberg, Anna Faris), super heroes (Captain America’s Chris Evans) and even Spock (Zachary Quinto) that all come together to bring this hilarious story to life.

In the Mark Mylod-directed film, Faris plays Ally, a woman who discovers she has had twice as many sexual partners as the national average. She decides to swear off men and re-visit twenty ex-partners to see if she has overlooked anyone that she could have had a real relationship with.

Check out an exclusive clip of Anna Faris in What’s Your Number >>>

Samberg, who plays one of Faris’ ex-partners in the movie, reportedly had some fun with Chris Evans while shooting the movie.

“Andy has made it his mission to bring some superhero comedy and mess with Chris any way he can,” an insider told “One of the funniest things he’s done so far was to walk into a scene Chris was shooting wearing a super-tight Captain America outfit with a shield. The cast burst out in thunderous laughter.”

What’s Your Number? hits theaters on September 30th.

Exclusive Clip: Andy Samberg in What’s Your Number?


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