Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon split: He chased the limo for nothing!

Fans watched Ames Brown chase down Jackie Gordon’s fleeing limo on Bachelor Pad 2 Monday — but it was all for nothing — the couple has split.

In a sweet act of love, Ames Brown stopped Jackie Gordon’s limo and rode off into the Bachelor Pad 2 sunset with her on Monday night — but like most reality show couples — their time is up.

Even before Bachelor Pad 2 premiered, we were getting the scuttlebutt on Ames Brown’s relationship with Jackie Gordon and things seemed to really be heating up for the couple on the show.

Things must have took a turn because the former Ashley Hebert reject told reporters during a conference call via Access Hollywood, “We had a great time on the show and chose love over money in the competition.” He was no doubt speaking about his act of love, aka chasing the limo.

He added, “We are not still dating, but we enjoyed every moment we had together.”

Will Ames Brown ever find the woman of his dreams? We think all the reports eluding to him being the next Bachelor points us to yes.

It’s being reported that Ames and Jackie dated for a few short weeks before he broke it off.

During the conference call Jackie Gordon said, “I personally was definitely shocked that it ended as it did. I was certainly not expecting that. I thought this was something that had potential forever, but you know, with every relationship, nothing is maybe exactly perfect.”

Gordon continued, “But it’s a hard pill to swallow when you find love, especially on a show like that where it’s so unusual, and it leaves you. It’s hard.”

What do you think of the latest Bachelor/Bachelorette related split?

Did you think Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon were meant to be?

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