Neal McDonough picks Clover for baby girl’s name

Neal McDonough is proud to share there is a new baby girl in the family bunch! The Captain America star is now the father of four.

Neal McDonough

The birth of Neal McDonough’s baby girl makes the actor the father of four! The Captain America: The First Avenger star and wife Ruvé welcomed baby Clover Elizabeth on Monday in Los Angeles.

“Ruvé gave birth to a beauty! 8½ lbs. and 21 inches with thick dark hair like her gorgeous Mommy,” Neal McDonough shared. “Ruvé is recovering well – we are so blessed.”

The actor was also sure to give thanks to Good Samaritan Hospital, where he serves as celebrity chairperson. “It’s a wonderful, amazing hospital,” he says. “All of our children have been born there.”

The 45-year-old, also father of London Jane, 19 months, Catherine Maggie, 4, and son Morgan Patrick, 5½, credits his eldest child with suggesting baby’s name. “It has four leaves and this is our fourth child,” Neal explains. “Clover signifies good luck – I’m Irish and Ruvé’s favorite color is green.”

Big sister London, who has not yet celebrated her second birthday, is already in love with baby Clover. The actor says, “London hugged and kissed her saying, ‘Baby … mine!'”

Are you a fan of the name Clover?

Congratulations to Ruvé and Neal McDonough on their baby girl!

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