Bernie Madoff's wife says 'buh-bye!'

Aug 16, 2011 at 6:36 p.m. ET

Bernie Madoff's wife is reportedly divorcing her husband, according to reports.

Jailed Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff is single, ladies! The disgraced financier's wife, Ruth Madoff, is reportedly readying a divorce, biographer Diana Henriques said.

Ruth Madoff divorcing Bernie Madoff

"She fell in love with him when she was 13, married when she was 18," Henriques told CBS' The Early Show. "It was a 50-year romance, and she simply couldn't leave him. But for all practical purposes, the Madoff marriage was split apart by that 150-year prison sentence that will keep Madoff behind bars for the rest of his life. So my sense is that Ruth is now focusing all her efforts on rebuilding a relationship with her surviving son, Andrew, and her grandchildren."

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Mrs. Madoff was reportedly denied access to son Mark Madoff's funeral when he killed himself earlier this year. Her relationship with her other son, Andrew Madoff, is estranged, too.

"I'm encouraged by the sources that I hear that there are good signs of reconciliation. And the progress remains to be seen, obviously," the biographer said. "There's a dreadful burden of anger and hurt. This crime shattered the Madoff family, as it did so many families among the victims, of course."

So, how does Bernie feel about his wife's plans for divorce?

"Bernie wants Ruth to do whatever she must to rebuild her life, even at the expense of their obviously limited time together. He cares very much about her, and I think wants her to have the comfort of her family in the years to come."

We're surprised she stuck around this long.

Would you stick with your husband if he was in prison for the rest of his life?