Sugarland concert turns tragic at the Indiana State Fair

Tragedy struck a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair, killing and injuring several concertgoers.

Sugarland fans who turned out for a fun Saturday night experienced a horror story after strong storm winds caused a stage to collapse before the show, killing four people and injuring at least 40 others.

Sugarland stage collapsed at Indiana State Fair

“The entire stage rigging collapsed, this is bad, this is very bad,” said Indianapolis Star reporter David Lindquist. He was at the fairgrounds to cover the show.

A YouTube video — uploaded quickly after the 9 p.m. incident — shows the stage collapse quickly and violently while helpless concertgoers looked on.

“It was like in slow motion. You couldn’t believe it was actually happening,” fan Amy Weathers told the newspaper. This isn’t the first serious concert catastrophe this year: a Cheap Trick concert was cut short in Ontario in July after part of the stage collapsed.

The band wasn’t onstage when it collapsed.

“We are all right. We are praying for our fans, and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you will join us. They need our strength,” Sugarland tweeted afterward.

Opener Sara Bareilles remarked to the crowd about the lovely weather before she ended her set, according to the Star. The stage collapsed 30 minutes later.

“I’m speechless and feel so helpless. Please send love and prayers to Indianapolis tonight. My heart aches for the lives lost. #indyiloveu,” Bareilles tweeted.

“The gust of wind came, there was no rain yet and the production fell from left to right,” Lindquist reported. “And you could see, you could clearly see people were under the footprint of the rigging.”

Fellow performers are already commenting on the horror in Indianapolis.

“What happened in Indianapolis tonight is what promoters, artists, crews and fans pray never happens,” Reba McEntire tweeted. The singer went through a tragedy when a plane crash claimed her entire band in the early 1990’s. “From my band, crew and the entire Starstruck organization, we send our thoughts and prayers to the 4 people who lost their lives tonight and to everyone who was at the concert. Jennifer and Kristen, I love you both.”

Kelly Clarkson also expressed her sadness.

“I’m not sure what news is correct or not but I heard the people that died or got injured were fans. Please keep all of their families in your prayers. What a horrible thing to happen,” she tweeted.

Watch the Sugarland concert stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair

So, so horrible. Here’s hoping all of those injured recover quickly.

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