Puss in Boots says it’s cool not to wear pants

Is there anything Puss in Boots can’t do? The suave swordsman has serious charm, an iconic fashion sense and his own movie. He’s decided to share his wealth by giving us some fall fashion advice. What do you think about No Pants” pants?

Puss in Boots No Pants

Puss in Boots is one smooth cat, so we’re not surprised his gig in Shrek has been turned into a feature spin-off. The fiesty feline is known for his casual demeanor, swift fighting style and of course — his boots. But what else does he bring to the table? No pants!

In a new video released by DreamWorks, Puss in Boots is bringing sexy back by advertising furry fashion. He thinks the newest trend is no pants pants. Now, the average person could never get away with this style but Puss is very convincing. He could sell water to a whale!

This fall, Puss in Boots is returning to the big screen in his own self-titled adventure. Antonio Banderas will reprise the role alongside newcomers Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis. We’re excited to see what trouble these three will get themselves into. Cue the comedy!

Puss in Boots opens in theaters everywhere Nov. 4.

Check out Puss in his pantless ad below.

Puss in Boots in No Pants

Image courtesy of DreamWorks