Rebecca Gayheart: Fabulously 40 (and pregnant!)

Aug 12, 2011 at 1:05 p.m. ET

Rebecca Gayheart is celebrating her 40th birthday with another bun in the oven!

Rebecca Gayheart's life has played out with plenty of ups and downs: She found fame after being the Noxzema girl in the early '90s, but her life took a drastic downturn when she hit nine-year-old Jorge Cruz, Jr. as he was crossing a street. He later died and she faced multiple civil suits and probation for the crime.

Rebecca Gayheart is 40 and pregnant

Life is a lot happier for Gayheart these days: she's 40 today, married to current rehab patient and Grey's Anatomy's McSteamy, Eric Dane, and they're parents to 17-month-old Billie Beatrice. She's also joining another celebrity trend: the 40-year-old mother is pregnant again!

The actress was spotted with little Billie at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills sporting a very obvious baby bump. Motherhood definitely agrees with her.

"It's been amazing. It's challenging, but it's the greatest thing ever," Gayheart said earlier this year.

"Oh my gosh, she is walking now, she is talking now!" she gushed about Billie's milestones. "She is only 15 months so she has about four words. She says, 'Mama!' 'Dada' is one, she says, 'Ball,' she says 'Hi,' and she says, 'Duck!'"

She also talked about another expectant mom, Jessica Alba.

"She seems to be a wonderful mother and I am sure that will just be the same having two!" Gayheart said.

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Do you think fortysomething celeb moms like Rebecca Gayheart help other women with their choice to have babies at an older age?