Jessica Alba 'excited, nervous and ready' for baby

Aug 12, 2011 at 2:28 a.m. ET

Jessica Alba is nearing the end of her pregnancy days with a mixture of nerves and excitement. The actress has been busy prepping daughter Honor Marie to welcome a new baby into the Warren family.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is due near any day now, and suddenly the reality of welcoming a second baby into the family is hitting the Spy Kids actress. In a blog at iVillage Jessica Alba, pictured here on July 6, details her thoughts in her final days of pregnancy.

"I'm excited, nervous and ready," Jessica Alba writes. "I've seen my friends who have multiple children, and seeing siblings love on each other is just the sweetest thing ever. Although I fought with my little brother a lot growing up, we were best friends, and I'd take vengeance on anyone who hurt him -- especially his feelings."

As for how the actress will help daughter Honor Marie deal with baby's arrival she writes, "We talk about how cool it will be to watch her younger sibling grow, and she will show her sibling how to do everything she can. My parents got her this sweet book called Big Sister, which is one of our bedtime books. Oh, and we also tell her that the baby won't be able to play with her Barbies or American Girl dolls. Of course, it's a safety issue, but Honor loves the thought that, for now, they're only her toys. Little does she know when she gets older she's gonna have to share... I guess we'll tackle that one when the time comes!"

Jessica Alba has also been helping her daughter with husband Cash Warren focus on the things she can be proud of. "We talk about how impressed we are that she doesn't have to have her fruit cut up into small pieces anymore and gets desserts like cupcakes and ice cream," the 30-year-old blogs proudly. "She gets to go potty in the toilet and doesn't have to wear diapers anymore. She gets to have a lollipop or gets to chew gum as a special treat (as long as she throws it away and doesn't swallow it!). She can ride a scooter, and she can sit in a big-girl swing."

Do you have any advice on helping a child get ready to welcome a baby for Jessica Alba?

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