Bachelor Jake wishes he had chosen Gia over Vienna

Bachelor Jake gets a do-over on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and choses Gia over Vienna.

Jake Pavelka

Season 14 of The Bachelor was billed as On the Wings of Love, but the romance of pilot Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi came to a fiery crash soon after the season ended.

Yet, repercussions of the fallout are still being felt and here’s a new one: Jake wishes he had chosen New York swimsuit model Gia Allemand.

He disclosed his preference on Thursday’s On-Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show.

“Gia — easy,” Pavelka stated emphatically when questioned about whom he should have chosen.

The Jake-Vienna relationship started to unravel when Jake appeared on Dancing with the Stars, Jake said.

“That was the whole reason we worked with ABC, to allow her to have her dance on the finale,” Jake said. “So she could be a part of it and feel that Dancing with the Stars was not mine, but ours.”

Jake and Vienna famously broke it off with raised voices and tears during a Bachelor special in 2010. The two are back together — sort off — on Bachelor Pad 2. Jake tried to mend fences with Vienna by giving her a rose on Monday’s episode.

“I gave Vienna that rose because I went on the show not for $250,000 but to finish that conversation that we started a year ago where she crocodile teared out,” Jake said. “She was so on edge and not to mention, on her way out (of the Bachelor Pad). Everyone had decided that Vienna was leaving and she was going to be off the show and I couldn’t let that happen because I needed that moment with her.”

Vienna didn’t accept the rose and Vienna’s current beau, Kasey Kahl, is having a hard time accepting Jake’s presence on the show.

“Kasey is a good guy, he’s just caught up in Vienna’s web,” Jake said. “She doesn’t respect him. He’s in love with her. He’s trying to protect her. I was in your shoes Kasey — run!”

Image courtesy of On-Air with Ryan Seacrest