Kate Moss reveals wedding photos in Vogue

Kate Moss is sharing her stunning wedding photos and intimate details of her special day with Vogue. Get a preview here!

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is one of the most successful supermodels in history — so it’s no surprise that her wedding album is a fashion spread in Vogue.

Moss married Jamie Hince in July, and famed fashion photographer Mario Testino — who shot the engagement photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton — was there to capture all the special moments.

“We were just so loved up, and he asked me to marry him every day,” Moss said of Hince.

Moss is known for throwing some amazing parties in her day, but this was totally different.

“I wanted it to be kind of dreamy and 1920s, when everything is soft focus. The Great Gatsby,” she said. “The code name was GG for a while. That light and that kind of fun decadence. It’s rock-n-roll Great Gatsby!”

“I’ve had big birthday parties, and I’ve thrown parties for other people, but this is a completely different thing. It’s the Met Ball! Because you have to look at every piece of cutlery; the details are intense. And then you wake up thinking about the ballet shoes for the girls; is the satin ribbon right? I’ve gone mental. Jamie thinks I’m mad, asking, ‘Are you gonna be all right? After the wedding, I’m hoping you’ll get back to normal!'”

Check out all the photos of Kate Moss’ wedding on Vogue.com and in the September issue of Vogue.

Image courtesy Vogue


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