Sam Trammell welcomes twin sons to True Blood family

Congratulations to True Blood‘s Sam Trammell and girlfriend Missy Yager on the birth of their twin sons!

Sam Trammell, Missy Yager

There’s been a bump in the True Blood family size, thanks to Sam Trammell and girlfriend Missy Yager. The pair have welcomed twin sons!

A rep has confirmed “two healthy baby boys” were born on Tuesday, August 9, though no further word on the babies. “The couple is very happy that everything went smoothly,” a source reveals to Life & Style.

The twin boys are the first children for 40-year-old Sam Trammell, who began dating Missy eight years ago after meeting while performing on Broadway. In July the actor passed on attending Comic-con to be near his pregnant wife. Sam Trammell wrote on his official Twitter page, “Sorry to say I won’t be at Comic-Con. The babies are due any time and I need to be close to home.”

Other True Blood offspring in the cast that call themselves a family include Stephen Moyer’s two children (son Billy, born in 2000, and a daughter, Lilac, born in 2002) from a previous relationship.

Earlier this year Sam Trammell spoke about his girlfriend’s pregnancy saying, “It’s very nerve racking, but we’re excited. I’m most excited about just the lifestyle change, believe it or not, even though it’s going to take away all our freedom.”

“We’re not prepared,” Sam laughed. “We started on a kitchen,” Missy added. “Go figure.”

Looks like it’s time for the new parents to sink or swim! Congratulations to Missy Yager and Sam Trammell on the birth of their twin baby boys!

Image via WENN