Mercede Johnston has dirt on Bristol Palin’s plastic surgeries

Bristol Palin has admitted to having cosmetic surgery on her jawline — but the sister of her baby daddy says she has had much more work than that done.

Bristol Palin

Mercede Johnston says that Bristol Palin has had a lot more work done than she’s letting on — and that she’s been going under the knife for years.

The sister of Levi Johnston, who has a son with the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, reveals that Bristol has had at least five surgeries.

“She’s had numerous surgeries on her face, her chin twice or three times,” Mercede told Playboy.

“Before Tripp was born she had liposuction here and liposuction elsewhere — I’m not supposed to say (where) because Levi made me promise.”

“And she had something else done after Tripp was born.”

Bristol Palin had plastic surgery on her jawline, which she claims was corrective, not cosmetic.

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