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CBS’ bewitching remake: Bewitched

The theme song for Bewitched has been on repeat in our heads since we found out the show was in reboot stages. Oh, you didn’t hear? Read on for all the bewitching details.

CBS has ordered a script for one of the most noted television shows from TV — Bewitched. We didn’t care so much for it when execs tried to bring it to the big screen, but maybe this time it will work.

Variety is reporting CBS and Sony are in the script development stages of the Bewitched reboot, and while it’s still very early on, it could happen.

The movie starred Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell and at best it was mindless fun, but Sony did resurrect Charlie’s Angels for the small screen and we’re awaiting the fall debut.

The new TV version will reportedly be penned by Marc Lawrence, with Douglas Wick and Lucy Fischer serving as executive producers.

With the modern-day tale of a man whose wife is a witch, there are a lot of possibilities in terms of casting and story due to the change in times.

Who would you cast in the reboot of Bewitched and what kind of messes would you like to see Samantha and Darrin get into? Think big on this, people, you never know who’s reading and might like your idea!

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