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Scotty McCreery video debut: Watch I Love You This Big

Scotty McCreery is making his music video debut! What do you think of the American Idol winner’s video for I Love You This Big?

Scotty McCreery hopes fans have some big love for the debut of his music video for the song, I Love You This Big. The season 10 American Idol winner has put out his first video, but will fans love it just as much as the song?

Scotty McCreery music video

Scotty McCreery’s music video concept doesn’t stray far from the crooner’s country heart. The I Love You This Big video is set at a backyard gathering of friends and families (actually a Los Angeles park) where the elected star performs his love song. Keep an eye out for Scotty McCreery’s real-life mom; we hear she makes a cameo in the video!

While Scotty McCreery’s music video may be lacking in the back-up dancers and CGI effects most videos are made of these days, we think it’s got one thing fans are bound to love — lots of genuine Scotty McCreery! The trademark head-tilt, squinted eyes and big voice that made fans vote for him in drones haven’t gone anywhere.

With the song I Love You This Big sitting nicely at No. 18 on the Billboard country music charts, the only question remaining is if fans will love Scotty McCreery’s video just as much?

What do you think of Scotty McCreery’s first video?

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