Prosecutors call foul over Shaquille O’Neal kidnap case

Shaquille O’Neal won’t be facing charges in a kidnapping case involving Crips gang members. What happened?

It looks like Shaquille O’Neal is off the hook in a sex tape kidnapping case that involved the now-retired NBA star and some members of the Main Street Mafia Crip gang in Los Angeles.

Shaquille O'Neal kidnapping case dropped

The suit alleged that member Ladell Rowles attempted to take back a sex tape featuring the baller and a woman that wasn’t his wife. The man with the tape, Robert Ross, kept it as collateral for money he said O’Neal owed him.

However, prosecutors said the story didn’t add up.

“We do not have the necessary confidence in the credibility of Mr. Ross to proceed in this case,” Deputy District Attorney Hoon Chun said. The court room audience cheered and the defense team called for dismissal.

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Turns out, Ross said he never actually had the tape — and the purported kidnapping and robbery happened two weeks after he initially reported.

That’s good news for Shaq — now he can go back to focusing on his retirement from the NBA and his rap career.

Or not.

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Do you think Shaq was really involved in a kidnapping plot?


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