Pippa Middleton mania hits TLC tonight

TLC is airing a special all about Kate Middleton’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton. Will you tune in?

All eyes were on Kate Middleton when she stepped out in her Alexander McQueen wedding gown on April 29. Well, all eyes were on her until her sister, Pippa Middleton, exited the car and millions of people around the world had one question: Who is this girl with the perfect rear?

Crazy about Pippa TLC special airs Tuesday

Now, everyone seems to have Pippa Middleton fever — she was even offered millions of dollars to perform in a Vivid Entertainment adult film.

TLC is cashing in on Pippa mania with a new special, Crazy About Pippa. The network says the show will give “insight into the life and work of the future Queen of England’s ‘hotter’ sister.”

Of course, the show will have a lot of talking heads who discuss her hotness and spew gems like: “There was almost a gasp all around the world: Who is that girl?”

Don’t get us wrong: we love us some Pippa Middleton. However, an hour-long special with basically no real insight into the girl behind the perfect behind doesn’t sound like much more than a pull for ratings.

Oh yes, we’re tuning in — if for nothing more than some gym-spiration.

Image courtesy of Anwar Hussein/WENN

Watch the promo for Crazy About Pippa

Will you tune in to see Pippa Middleton on TLC?

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