Cynthia de la Vega dropped as Miss Mexico over 6 lbs.

Beauty pageant queen Cynthia de la Vega is fuming after Nuestra Belleza Mexico officials took her crown away — all over a few pounds!

Cynthia de la Vega banned from Miss World Competition for weight gain

Miss Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2011 Cynthia de la Vega was all set to head to the Miss World competition this November to proudly represent her home country. Not anymore: the 19-year-old stunner was stripped of her crowned last week because she didn’t lose 6 lbs.

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That’s right — Nuestra Belleza Mexico pageant officials gave her an ultimatum: lose the excess poundage or get lost. She wasn’t able to lose the weight and pageant management said it was because of her “lack of dedication and discipline.”

Not so, said the beauty queen. De la Vega countered that the officials failed to give her the proper direction.

“Organizers of the Nuestra Belleza Mexico contest demanded that I lose a few kilos, but they never provided a nutritionist or any other assistance to ensure the weight loss,” she said during a press conference.

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Instead, pageant coach Luis Rangel gave her an email diet plan that consisted of the same foods each day for a month.

“[A diet plan] should be specific for each day of the week and should also be supervised to make the necessary adjustments,” she said.

Also, ask any woman who has attempted to lose weight: It’s hard to lose those last few pounds. A person’s weight can fluctuate several pounds a day, thanks to fluids, foods and other factors.

“I feel healthy enough to represent my country, and I think this is an injustice,” De la Vega told CNN Espanol.

“They took away the crown that I earned. That is mine.”

We agree, Cynthia!

Do you think Cynthia de la Vega should be allowed to compete in the Miss World competition?