Mel Gibson and ex-wife get back together… sort of

Mel Gibson and his ex-wife got together this weekend to celebrate the birthdays of two very special girls.

Mel Gibson joins twins and ex-wife for birthday party

With all the bad news surrounding Mel Gibson lately, it’s hard to remember that he’s done some really good things for children’s causes — and he doesn’t seek publicity from it.

An example? Take the case of once-conjoined Guatemalan twins, Maria de Jesus and Maria Teresa. The pair — separated in 2002 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center — was connected by their skulls and doctors had to skillfully maneuver to untangle their blood vessels. The whole surgery took 23 hours.

It’s quite a story in itself, but what you probably didn’t know is that Mel Gibson and his now ex-wife, Robyn, financed the surgeries through the Mending Kids organization. The children’s parents wouldn’t have been able to afford the $1.5 million surgery otherwise.

The girls just turned 10 this past weekend — and the Gibsons reunited to help them celebrate. Both girls live with host families in the United States now to deal with their ongoing health issues.

We really love hearing good things about the Braveheart actor — namely, that he actually has a heart. The vicious verbal attacks against his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva makes it hard to believe there’s one still ticking in there.

Gibson also just celebrated five years sober. The catalyst for his change? His infamous drunk driving arrest in 2006.

“It’s one terribly awful moment in time, said to one person in the span of one day, and doesn’t represent what I truly believe or how I’ve treated people my entire life,” Gibson said earlier this year of his personal troubles.

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Does this change your view of Mel Gibson at all?

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