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Mercede Johnston: Bristol Palin is ‘the most evil person I’ve ever known’

Mercede Johnston is revealing a little more than her girly parts in her pictorial and interview in the September issue of Playboy. Johnston continues blasting Bristol Palin and has a thing or two to say about Sarah Palin, too.


Mercede Johnston, younger sister of Levi Johnston, stripped down for the September issue of Playboy. She didn’t just get naked, though. She also talked about Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin… a lot.

According to TMZ, Mercede shared a mouthful about Bristol: “Everything is about her, her, her. She has to have her own way. She’ll be supersweet and then she turns into the most evil person I’ve ever known… Honestly, she is the meanest person.”

“I didn’t know someone could be so vindictive and evil. …[She’s] a sociopath,” Johnston said of Bristol. “She doesn’t think anything she could do or does is wrong.”

Oh, and according to Mercede, Bristol’s pregnancy with son Tripp wasn’t an “oops” incident. “Bristol’s pregnancy wasn’t . . . an accident. She and Levi planned it. They were trying to conceive for months.” (Via The New York Post.)

That makes the text that Mercede claims Bristol sent to Levi Johnston interesting. Mercede says that Levi received a text message stating, “Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed to God you weren’t the father.”


As for Mercede’s opinion of Sarah Palin and her ability to serve as president, well, it’s not the most flattering. “I think she’d have had a mental breakdown… As governor she quit on us. What does that say about her?” Mercede says. She added that by her estimate, 70% of Americans “can’t stand Palin.”

This isn’t the first time Mercede Johnston has blasted the Palin family. She had plenty to say on her blog, including a response to Bristol’s claim that Levi Johnston stole her virginity. “Bristol misnamed her book. It should read Not Afraid of Lies,” Mercede said. “Does anybody really believe a good Christian girl, such as Bristol claims to be, would really lose her virginity in a tent? I don’t think so. Usually girls want their first time to be meaningful and special.”

For the rest of the deep thoughts about the Palin family shared by Mercede Johnston, you’ll have to check out the September issue of Playboy.

Image via Mercede Johnston

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