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Lil Wayne almost dies in car accident? Nope, he’s alive and tweeting

Did rapper Lil Wayne almost die in a car accident? This is the latest celebrity death hoax to hit the Internet — and we help you separate fact from fiction.

Along with Hugh Hefner and Bill Cosby, Lil Wayne is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the celebrity death hoax – or, in his case, nearly fatal death hoax.

Lil Wayne car accident

A Facebook scam was going around with a picture of Lil Wayne and the text: Lil Wayne Nearly Dies in FATAL Car Crash. The text below the headline reads:

“Surveillance camera’s captured this fatal car crash in which 2 Young Money rappers died while Lil Wayne was severely injured!”

lil Wayne dead rumor

Fortunately, the rapper is alive and well, tweeting yesterday: “Just left Soul Ride sk8park. Awesome sesh! Props to little Adam Z jr and his homies for shreddin’ with me!! Bedtime.”

He also just performed at a concert in North Carolina with Rick Ross — Lil Wayne tweeting that the show was amazing.

This isn’t the first time Lil Wayne has been the victim of a celebrity death rumor. Three years ago a rumor surfaced that his daughter, who was eight at the time, died in a car accident — that, luckily, also turned out to be nothing but a rumor.

If the Lil Wayne car accident post shows up on your Facebook wall, recommends you delete it (click on the “X” in the right hand corner) and report the post as spam.


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