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Pauly D promotes Jersey Shore water on Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon loves him some Jersey Shore. The late-night host dedicated his Thursday night show to the season four premiere of the show, and Paul D did some shameless promotion for the show’s latest product… sort of.

Jimmy Fallon dedicated his Thursday night show to the season four premiere of Jersey Shoreand what a tribute it was. Plenty of fist-pumping took place, audiences wigging out to Jersey Shore-inspired wigs and a special guest spot by Pauly D was featured… sort of.

Jimmy Fallon wanted to give the Jersey Shore’s latest bottled water product some airtime and guess who’s the face of the product? It’s none other than DJ Pauly D! Check out the stellar ingredients that go into making Jersey Shore’s bottled water number one!

Next time you’re dehydrated from GTL, don’t forget to take a refreshing gulp of that stuff! Who needs water from Fiji? Not us!

We couldn’t leave you without showing the shared experience between Jimmy Fallon and his audience. What better way to get down with the Jersey Shore season four premiere than getting an entire studio audience to fist-pump with wigs on?


Which Jimmy Fallon tribute to Jersey Shore did you like best?

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