Man Candy Mondays: Curtis Stone

Aug 8, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Is there anything sexier than a man who can cook? Absolutely — a ridiculously good-looking man who can cook! We've been salivating over chef Curtis Stone from the first time we saw him on television whipping up delicious dishes and speaking in that oh-so-hot Australian accent.

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Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone

Born: November 4, 1975

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Height: 6'4"

Why we love Johnny Depp

Why we love Curtis Stone:

Gentle and kind with that brilliant shock of blond hair and luscious Aussie accent, Stone and his sexy TV cooking tutorials make us want to stop ordering takeout and impress him with our culinary prowess. Come over for dinner at our place, Curtis!

1He has patience in spades

He has patience in spades

Whether he's working with contestants on The Biggest Loser or helping out the cooking-challenged on his (now sadly defunct) TLC show Take Home Chef, we love watching Curtis teach inexperienced cooks how to dice and sauté — not only because he's a tall, light-haired hottie, but also because he's super-patient and nice to everyone he comes into contact with.

Why is he such a decent guy? We have a feeling it's because he's so down to earth. He recently told YumSugar: "Food touches so many parts of our lives. Chefs get too excited about themselves, and we like to think we're more important than we are, when all we really do is cook other people dinner. If I can attract people back to a dinner table, then that makes me really happy."

2He's driven with a capital "D"

He's driven with capital

Stone works his tukkus off, that much is sure: We'd list all of the talk shows (the Today show, Oprah, etc.) and reality shows (The Celebrity ApprenticeAmerica's Next Great Restaurant, etc.) he's been on, but that would take all day. Most recently, though, he's been dishing out advice on Top Chef Masters and America's Next Great Restaurant. Plus, he recently revealed that he's opening a new restaurant in L.A. — "I want it to be relaxed and special; I think 40 or 50 seats would see me out," he told Grub Street Los Angeles.

He's also written three cookbooks, his most recent one being Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone: Recipes to Put You in My Favorite Mood. Hey, we don't need a cookbook to put us in the mood for Curtis!

When did his work ethic first emerge? First of all, his passion for food trumped his initial life plan: He dropped out of business school in order to pursue cooking. He worked in several Australian restaurants before moving to London and working for free for chef Marco Pierre White in exchange for experience (!) — then he landed in Eureka, California, at Restaurant 301 before rising to international stardom. Whew! Now that's dedication.

3He cooks like a dream and looks like an athlete

He cooks like a dream and looks like an athlete

Stone was named one of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2006, and we wholeheartedly agree! Have you seen those sexy arms? You'd think he works in a gym rather than a kitchen. How does he stay so fit? Surfing, for one: It's a major hobby of his. After all, one of his first television shows was Surfing the Menu, an Aussie cooking/surfing show in which he sourced fresh ingredients from the coastline.

"I've always been active," he told the Miami New Times. "I've always been a little sporty and done exercise. It's a total balance. As long as you're exercising as much as you're eating, you're okay."

We like a little bit of modesty in our Man Candy! Also, just so you know, Stone prefers boxers to briefs — he let fans in on the secret in a recent interview with Fit Bottomed Girls. Nice!

Chef Curtis Stone's
Relationship Status:

Stone has been dating actress Lindsay Price (you've seen her in Lipstick Jungle and old-school Beverly Hills, 90210 episodes) since last year. In June, they announced that they're having their first child. That's going to be one cute baby. At least we can fantasize about saying, "Yes, Chef!" in our dreams!

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