Jersey Shore producer reveals set secrets

It was with great fanfare that the Jersey Shore cast landed in Italy during last night’s premiere episode, but not without some mishaps and chaos along the way. Deena fell the minute she landed on Italian soil, The Situation continued to explore his feelings for Snooki and Vinny was the only liaison for the guys to get booty while in Florence. It was all a perfectly calculated plan by producer SallyAnn Salsano to keep the interest on the characters — instead of the setting — for season four.

Deena and Snooki from Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore producer SallyAnn Salsano got down and dirty in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter regarding this season’s Italy adventure, and revealed set secrets from season five, which just wrapped filming.

The culture shock of arriving in Florence earlier this year wasn’t the only obstacle for the cast; it was the language barrier as well. They truly had to come together, despite what the previews for the season suggest, in order to survive.

Teased Salsano, “It wasn’t like when they’re at the Shore or in Miami, when you can go outside and talk to anybody. They couldn’t communicate with anyone else. It was harder to at least. So they had to rely on each other more and I think like in any relationship, the more time you spend with someone, the more you love them and the more they get under your skin. So I think the highs and lows are so much greater but I think they’re connections are so much tighter.”

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With more than 100 days of constant shooting under her belt, Salsano is finally taking a well-deserved break from her cluster of guidos and guidettes to take a breather and review all that has happened since a little show called Jersey Shore catapulted a bunch of unknowns into instant superstardom.

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Said Salsano, “I was saying in the control room, ‘I laughed harder during the Italy season. I cried more during the Italy season and I saw more drama unfold than I’ve ever seen unfold in any one season.'”

She also disclosed that the decision was not MTV’s regarding back-to-back filming. It was a creative choice on her part, and she explains the reasoning behind it.

“I can only say that I’m so grateful for all the press, but it’s always fun for me to watch what’s going on in the press and knowing what’s really happening in the house. So for me, I think what happened with Vinny (leaving during filming of season five) and with what people are speculating with The Situation (who also walked out for a day during filming) would’ve happened whether or not there were five weeks in between seasons or not.”

She continued about the 100-day shooting schedule, “I think it was really fun to go to Italy and see the kids get acclimated to a different culture. And that being said, it was equally as fun to see them come home and get back into their American life. Like it was so fun to watch them go home and see the things that they wanted to do first. What they wanted to eat first and all that kind of stuff and it was really great.”

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