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Hugh Hefner planks; fad is officially over

Hugh Hefner is the latest celebrity to join the planking craze.

If you didn’t think the planking craze was over, it is now: Hugh Hefner’s Playmate girlfriends posted a picture of the 85-year-old in a planking pose.

Hugh Hefner planking

Our first thought: How did he manage to get in that position, and how did he get out of it? He’s not a spring chicken anymore.

“I got Hef to plank,” Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund tweeted on Sunday. Of course, he also got the Playmates to do the same thing.

Playboy Playmates planking

Hefner is the latest celebrity to take on the planking crazy — Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Rosario Dawson have all gotten in on the trend. The other trend — owling — is popular with the likes of Joe Jonas.

Now, Bieber is coning. The latest fad — made popular by a YouTuber — involves ordering an ice cream cone through a drive-thru and then grabbing it by the ice cream when the worker hands it to you.

Watch Justin Bieber cone

We can understand planking — even owling — but coning? That’s just ice cream abuse — and we’re not down with ice cream abuse.

Has planking jumped the shark?

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