Trace Adkins turns tragedy into triumph

Aug 4, 2011 at 5:09 p.m. ET

Country superstar Trace Adkins has triumphed through many adversities in his life, so it is natural that his new album is called Proud to Be Here. Adkins most recently lost his Nashville home to a fire, so when songwriter Chris Wallin initially played him a rough draft of the song, he replied, "You son of a gun, how do you know that about me?"

Trace Adkins has had a life singer/songwriters can only dream of. He has reached the pinnacle of success in his chosen field, is married to a wonderful woman and has three beautiful young daughters, Mackenzie, Brianna and Trinity and two elder daughters, Tarah and Sarah. But, it took a long time to get to that point in his life and his new album, Proud To Be Here is a testament to that.

Trace Adkins

Trace has suffered through many tragedies in his life. He has severed (and reattached) his pinky finger in an accident, was shot by his second wife and recently lost his home to a fire.

Much of this album, according to Adkins, was inspired by his family farm outside of Nashville. The video of his song Just Fishin' was shot at this very home and the song Days Like This takes listeners to Adkins' backyard deck, complete with lake and views of the hills of Tennessee.

Said Adkins about the tune Just Fishin', "The song is very literal, especially that first verse. Kenny Beard and Casey Beathard came up to the house a year or so ago to write, and we were sitting on the deck talking. The TV was on and some kind of depressing news came on and somebody said, 'We don't need to listen to that on a day like this.' We wrote that song in about 45 minutes."

Adkins knows full well the joy of honoring a beautiful day. The star of the new film Lincoln Lawyer knows the house fire that destroyed his 5,000 sqaure foot family estate could have been much worse. Trace Adkins was away at the time, on a flight to Alaska, when tragedy struck. Upon landing, someone met him at the gate with the horrific news. After eleven years in the house, the family lost everything. Two of the children were in the home with their nanny but escaped unharmed. The family dog was also rescued from the fire.

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Said wife Rhonda Atkins at the time of the devastation, "You can replace things, not people. I'm just glad that my children are safe."

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