What is Katie Holmes’ greatest fear?

Kate Holmes revealed her greatest fear on The Tonight Show — and you won’t believe what it is!

Katie Holmes

What is the greatest fear of Katie Holmes? Surprisingly it’s not being served with divorce papers by Tom Cruise just shy of their 10th wedding anniversary in order to uphold their prenup a la Nicole Kidman — not that she would admit that, anyway.

Nope, the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark actress has a much more mundane fear: raccoons.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show, Leno asked Holmes what she is most afraid of.

“I’m really scared of raccoons,” she said.

“Why raccoons? Is it the mask? Do you think they’re criminals?” Leno joked.

Holmes explained a close encounter with one such bandit. “I was recently sitting outside, and this raccoon comes right up, like right there. I was expecting it to be more afraid of me, and I’m staring at it, and it’s staring back like he’s going to kick my butt!

“I didn’t know what to do so I stood up and barked at him. And he ran away.”

That’s actually a good lesson in personal safety: If something is threatening you, act like you’re insane and they will generally leave you alone.

What’s your greatest fear? Mine is the outfit Katie Holmes wore during this TV appearance.

Check out Katie Holmes on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:


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