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Pamela Anderson’s $195K birthday champagne? You better believe it!

Was Pamela Anderson gifted a $195,000 bottle of champagne for her birthday? If it sounds too good to be true in the celebrity world — it probably is!

Pamela Anderson birthday

Pamela Anderson’s recent birthday bash was an all-out Las Vegas affair, but are reports she celebrated with a $195,000 bottle of champagne true?

Rumor has it Pamela Anderson was gifted a $195K bottle of champagne on July 31 during her 44th birthday celebration at the Chateau nightclub in the Paris Hotel. The birthday girl, pictured here that same night, was reportedly sent the expensive bottle of bubbly by a mystery man.

SheKnows has confirmed that this rumor is totally true! “Yes it was a gift,” a rep for Pamela Anderson (who’s actual birthday is on July 1) told us. “She didn’t know what it cost but it was huge.”

How huge? A $195,000 bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades contains a whopping 30 liters of celebratory bubbly. That’s over 1,000 astounding ounces for those of us still struggling with metrics, or the equivalent of 15 2-liter soda bottles.

Thirsty much?

“Pammy was gobsmacked,” an apparent eye-witness to Pamela Anderson’s birthday party told The Daily Mirror. “It was the equivalent of 40 regular-sized bottles.”

The only puzzler remaining is just who is the wealthy mystery man who sent over the $195,000 bottle of champagne? Hopefully Pamela Anderson had a chance to properly thank him!

Image courtesy of WENN

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