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America’s Got Talent: Team iLuminate lights up the results

America’s Got Talent has sent its final set of four from the top 48 through to the semifinals. Did our picks from Tuesday night move on? Read on to find out.

America’s Got Talent sent its final set of four from the top 48 into the semifinals Wednesday night, and boy did the dancers and acrobats dominate the results. Three of our favorites moved on from Tuesday night.

The first act to be sent through, and one of our favorites, was Fatally Unique. This was the dance group that looked like they stepped straight out of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation video. It’s going to be tough for them to continue on because all of the dancers and variety acts are good.

We said Zuma Zuma was off the charts and America agreed with us. They use their bodies, poles and whatever else they can find to create amazing acrobatics and stunts to the rhythm of culturally infused dance. It will be interesting to see what they put their bodies through next, all in the name of talent.

Team iLuminate (pictured above) might be the best undiscovered act America’s Got Talent has ever found. Piers Morgan called them a million dollar act and we certainly would pay money to see them light up their costumes and bust a move. They set the bar so high, there might not be an act that can touch them.

This is where we fell short in predicting the fourth act, who was a judges’ pick. Impressionist/comedienne Melissa Villasenor was undeniably good during her first audition, but the celebrities in her head she introduced us to this time around were a bit predictable. We loved her Drew Barrymore impression, but we’re hoping she gets more creative in the semifinals.

There you have it, the last set of four from the top 48 have moved on to America’s Got Talent’s semifinals. Next week the YouTube round debuts, which is where Jackie Evancho was discovered last season.

Who is your favorite act this season? Do you think Team iLuminate will go all the way?

Image courtesy of NBC

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