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Vanessa Minnillo’s wedding: Top 10 tips

Vanessa Minnillo is fresh off exchanging vows with new husband Nick Lachey. Read the newlywed’s top 10 pieces of advice for fellow brides.

Vanessa Minnillo wedding

Vanessa Minnillo has married the man of her dreams. In the process of getting hitched to Nick Lachey, the 30-year-old learned a thing or two about being a bride and the wedding planning process. Here are Vanessa Minnillo’s top 10 tips for other brides!

Vanessa Minnillo, whose big day was featured on TLC’s Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding, writes on her Twitter page:

Tip 1: Try on different styles of dresses. Even if u know what u want, it may surprise u. Go for it all & be girly! Most importantly, HAVE FUN

Tip 2: I Love a “little” splash of color! I had a beautiful bouquet of gloriosa’s, BUT I didn’t put my matron of honor in a fuchsia dress

Tip 3: Listen to your groom & have elements of what “he” wants in the Wedding. After all, it’s both of your day. Nick had great suggestions.

Tip 4: A welcome bag w/”personalized” goodies is always nice! We did beach towels w/their names embroidered, & all the beach essentials.

Tip 5: Make sure to take time before the wedding & spend it with ur fiancee. A night with a glass of wine, or a weekend away. #QualityTime

Tip 6: To save money: use venue’s place settings & glassware, but we brought in our personalized linens and chargers for a more custom feel.

Tip 7:If you can, have multi-photographers. We loved Yitzhak Dalal, & he brought 2 others w/him. There’s always more than one angle u want!

Tip 8: Consider weather when planning an outdoor ceremony. The ONE thing I regret is we didn’t have fans or a.c. at the ceremony. #sweating

Tip 9: Do something special for ur fiancee b4 the ceremony, a gift, &/or a hand written card. Let them know how u feel & that u Love them!

Tip 10: HAVE FUN! Once it’s the day of, try ur hardest not to let ANYTHING get in the way. You’ll regret it if u obsess about small stuff!

*Tip 11: Secure a wedding sponsor or three and air your nuptials on television to help off-set the cost of your dream day.

*We kid, we kid!

Congratulations to Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo on their gorgeous wedding!

Image via Vanessa Minnillo Twitter

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