Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky tells us why she’s postponing her wedding

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum are on their way to wedded bliss, but what’s going on with The Bachelorette’s last successful couple? Ali Fedotowsky tells us where she and Roberto are in their wedding plans.

Ali Fedotowsky engagement

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowksy told SheKnows she was “filled up with love” watching J.P. Rosenbaum propose to Ashley Hebert on the show’s finale Monday night.

“My good friend and stylist and I were watching it in my hotel room over a bottle of wine and laughing and crying,” Fedotowsky told us the next day at a promotional event for Ab Cuts.

“I texted Roberto right away and I wrote, ‘I love you’ and he wrote back, ‘I love you too!’ I think it sort of brought us back to ours. I just remember feeling so amazing and I know she must have felt the same way.”

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Now, a year after her own final rose ceremony, Ali Fedotowsky is ready to start making plans for the culmination of this whole journey: A wedding. Unfortunately, a kickboxing injury in May and the possibility of another surgery, has left Fedotowsky in limbo.

“A second surgery if I need it, that’s a major surgery, and I will be out, like, a year,” Ali Fedotowsky said. “It’s heartbreaking, and it’s sad.”

ali says no

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Lucky for her, though, she is living out her fantasy relationship every day with Roberto, with or without the title.

“I’m with him every day,” Fedotowsky told SheKnows. “I live with him. We share our lives together. In my mind, we are married. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me that. What I do need is an awesome wedding and an amazing wedding reception.”

And when that day finally comes, Ali knows exactly what she wants. She tells SheKnows her dream wedding would include a Monique Lhuillier dress, a big celebration and two bands: Salsa and an ’80s cover.

“I want a super-fun wedding,” Fedotowsky said. “One of the reasons we’re holding off right now is because we want to be able to dance our butts off at our wedding.”

While she’s out of wedding planning mode, Ali is taking time to lend her expertise to others. She sat down with her successor, Ashley Hebert, recently and got all the details on her new relationship.

“We talked about how happy she was,” Fedotowsky said. “All along, she just really wanted this to be over with. She wanted the finale to come out, which I can totally relate to. You want to be able to drive in a car with your fiancé. You want to be able to go to a movie. You just want to start moving forward.”

Unlike her and Roberto, though, who lead a relatively low-key life in San Diego, Ashley and J.P. are headed to the big city together, and that could mean trouble.

“It’s going to be tough because she’s moving in with him in New York and in New York there’s paparazzi,” Fedotowsky said. “One thing we love about San Diego is it’s so laid back.”

Ali Fedotowsky also offered up her predictions for who will be the next Bachelorette.

“I love Emily [Maynard],” she said. “But she’s not going to be the next Bachelorette. The next Bachelorette is going to be a girl from the next season of the Bachelor. They will always go with the most current person because you see them get attached and want to root for them the next time around.”

Unfortunately, that just leaves us with more questions — who will the next bachelor be?!

To get more scoop on Ali Fedotowsky, tune in to Season 2 of Bachelor Pad to catch Roberto’s guest appearance.

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