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Beyonce channels white trash in new Party video

Beyonce films a new video for her song Party in a New Jersey trailer park.

BeyonceBeyonce is taking it to the trailer park for her next video.

B spent Tuesday filming a video for her song Party, from her latest album 4, at the Oakdale Mobile Home Park in South Brunswick, N.J. The vid features lots of extras in trailer park chic with denim skirts, tight T-shirts and all shades of wigs.

Residents only found out about the shoot the previous night.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” said Flaherty, sitting on the steps to his trailer, “but now I’m locked in.”

The crew had pulled in a vintage Airstream trailer, in which Beyonce was filmed singing, next to Flaherty’s trailer home.

“There’s a lot of good-looking young girls,” said Flaherty of the video’s extras. “I’m impressed by the artists doing the painting on the side of the trailer.”

Set designers had painted a trailer park-themed mural next to an above ground pool across the street from Flaherty’s home. Elements of the shoot included a late afternoon party by the pool, attended by Beyonce showing lots of summer skin. B had the trailer-ready hair curlers on during the Airstream filming.

Beyonce’s rep declined to offer information about video and the production. Party features a rap by Andre 3000 and is co-produced by Kanye West.

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