Josh Groban wants to join the mile-high club

Why is Josh Groban talking about sex with ELLE magazine?

Josh Groban wants to join the Mile-High club

Josh Groban is trying really, really, really hard to shed his squeaky-clean image. First, he made fun of himself and Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel’s show by singing the rapper’s tweets. Then, he teamed with Rick Rubin for his new album, Illuminations. He also plays Emma Stone’s jerky boyfriend in the newly released Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Now? Groban sat down with ELLE and gave a pretty sexually charged interview that detailed his (maybe) past relationship with Katy Perry and his fascination with the Mile-High Club.

“I’ve never done it on a plane. That’s always been a fascination… The logistics. The covert planning. The interesting use of blanket,” the big-voiced singer said when asked if he’s had sex on a plane.

So, is he as nice of a guy as he seems?

“People assume that because I make romantic music, I must be moments away from pulling up in my golden gondola,” he joked. “I’ve tried to be edgier than I am, and it looks ridiculous. But there are always bad girls who like to corrupt the good guys.”

He also claims that he’s never hooked up with one of the Grobanites.

“I might be crazy, but I can’t be intimate with a girl unless I really think she’s into me. Also, I could never get away with that,” he said. “What would I be doing when she walked into my dressing room? Casually sitting in a velvet robe, sipping brandy? Like, ‘Oh, I see my assistant found you. Please enter. Cigar?'”

Actually, his fans would probably go for that.

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