Marisa Miller gives Conan O'Brien a spanking!

Aug 2, 2011 at 3:36 p.m. ET

Surfer-turned-supermodel Marisa Miller went on Conan to promote her new paddle board line Monday night. During her visit with Conan O'Brien, she shared some nude photos and gave the host a spanking…yet somehow, it was all PG.

Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller has been on Conanbefore, but this time, she had an agenda. After Conan O'Brien giggled about how pretty she is and Miller showed off her shoes, they got right to business of paddle surfing.

Marisa Miller gives Conan a spanking

The Santa Cruz, California, native recounted her surfer town roots and shared a childhood photo of herself and her father on the beach. "I'm two, so it's okay that I'm naked, right?" she teased.

"I say at any age, it's fine," O'Brien agreed.

Then he used his infamously fair skin to segue into another nude shot of Miller, this one for Marc Jacobs' Protect the Skin You're In campaign against skin cancer.

"Again, it's for charity, that's why I'm naked!" Miller laughed.

Finally it was time for the paddle board lesson. The pair moved to a set of Marisa Miller Stand Up Paddle Boards, which looked like they were floating in water thanks to the magic of a green screen. O'Brien's form was so bad, however, that Miller had to step off her board and walk on water to get on his board and help him find his position.

As she spread his legs, loosened his hips and bent his knees, he panned, "I need more help!"

No surprise: O'Brien was overdoing it and being his goofy self, but seemed to be getting the gist. He even got Miller to pound on his abs.

"You have a good center of gravity. It's really hard!" she approved.

"You know what's really hard? That right there," Conan said, giving his own booty a few smacks.

Miller couldn't resist giving Conan's behind a few smacks of her own.

"I'm such an idiot," Conan demurred, clearly enjoying himself -- and likely realizing the clip would hit the Internet by morning -- before closing the segment.

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Conan gets spanked!

Wondering exactly what a paddle board is? Or how big a spanking Conan O'Brien received? Take a look at the clip and note that Miller's boards are designed specifically for a woman's body. If it looks fun, hers may be the line for you. (Conan's booty not included.)


Photo & video courtesy of Team Coco