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Casey Anthony seeking treatment for obvious mental health issues

Casey Anthony has been talking about securing a highly paid network interview recently, but the latest news it that Anthony won’t be talking to anyone — other than a professional counselor.

Casey Anthony may be receiving $500K offers from Hustler, but the recently released media circus magnet is going to be too busy for anything. TMZ reports that Anthony will seek treatment for her serious emotional issues instead of selling interviews…at least for now.


According to the celebrity news outlet, Anthony will get mental health treatment for three reasons: First, “obvious mental health issues” were to blame for her “questionable behavior” (understatement, anyone?) after her daughter Caylee disappeared in 2008.

Second, the “obvious trauma of losing her child” has left Anthony in a place where she needs help. Yeah…

And finally, Anthony’s experience in jail “messed with her head.” TMZ notes that Casey Anthony spent three years in solitary confinement.

Not that Anthony had interviews lined up; networks laughed at her demand of $1.5 million for an interview. In fact, NBC officially stated they wouldn’t pay for a Casey Anthony interview.

“NBC News has not and will not be in a bidding war for a Casey Anthony interview. No money has or will be offered, no licensing or other arrangements. If we were to conduct an interview it would be under our standards,” an NBC rep said.

A few weeks ago, speculation about Anthony’s whereabouts had her everywhere from California to Florida. Now the question is: Where will Casey Anthony get her mental health treatment?

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