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Entourage on the big screen

Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg has offered to finance a feature film version of the successful HBO series about the day to day life of a young actor in Hollywood and his inner circle of friends, brought over from their hometown of Queens, NY. After seeing the success of the Sex and the City movie franchise, Walhberg is taking a big gamble on translating his story to the big screen.

After eight years, it’s the final curtain call for the cast of Entourage. The actors of the hit cable show were very sentimental during the TCA press tour this past Thursday.


Said Adrian Grenier, who plays Vincent Chase, “We’re all choked up. Truthfully, we’ve been together for eight years, creating something we’re very proud of.”

The stars were virtual unknowns in the years prior to the success of the series. But with Entourage‘s success, they became some of the hottest stars in the universe and some of the most sought after young actors in the business.

Now, it’s up to producer Mark Wahlberg to tie up all the loose ends of the last eight seasons. He and creator Doug Ellin came together prior to the writing of the final episodes, to decide what type of message they wanted to convey to the show’s fans, as they put a bow on the proverbial gift Entourage has been to HBO viewers.

Said Ellin, “We really wanted to leave viewers with an element of, ‘We loved hanging with these guys and we’ll miss them.'”

The final day of shooting was an emotional rollercoaster for the cast, especially for Jeremy Piven. He revealed of the hundreds of people who showed up during those final days of shooting, “It was like acting in the middle of a riot.”

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Still, several of the actors couldn’t bear to leave their characters behind. There were some sticky fingers the last day of shooting, particularly from Kevin Connolly and Priven. Said Connolly, “I took my E paperweight off my my desk.”

Piven just smiled and pointed to his wrist, which now bore the watch of his character Ari Gold.

Walhberg, despite the end of the show wrapping, does not want to let this part of his life go. He stated to the reporters in attendence, “I said if I had to finance it myself, I’ll do it.”

This prompted a response from Ellin, who concurred, “We’re going to do a movie. It’s a question of when and how quickly.”

Image courtesy HBO.

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