Neil Patrick Harris & Jimmy Fallon play charades: Smells like teen winners!

Neil Patrick Harris stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the duo took it old school with a game of hilarious charades.

Neil Patrick Harris is getting his Smurf on in the new movie The Smurfs, which he’s been promoting the blue out of. Occasionally Neil Patrick Harris just has to take some time out of his night to not think about his new movie or his hit show How I Met Your Mother and play charades.

Thanks to the team over atLate Night with Jimmy Fallon, NPH fans got to see the actor and father of twins battle it out in a hysterical game of charades. The teams? It was late night host Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris against announcer Higgins and Fallon’s old friend Chris Kattan. It’s been dubbed Chris Kattan week over at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so he’s been popping up everywhere.

Neil Patrick Harris has been a guest on everything lately and if you haven’t heard, he even weighed in on Bravo’s series The Real Housewives of New York City. After watching a clip of Bravo’s Andy Cohen telling the ladies to “shut the [expletive] up,” he told Cohen, “You need to eliminate all of them and start from scratch with New York people and get people that have more to do in their lives than yell at each other and create conflict.”

If you missed Andy Cohen losing his cool, click here.

Check out what happened when Neil Patrick Harris took on the game of charades:

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