Jesse James’ ex-wife arrested again for harassment

Jesse James’ ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, was arrested in Texas on Wednesday for harassment after a warrant was issued. Her visit to jail comes just a few days after she lost custody of her seven-year-old daughter Sunny.

Jesse Jame's Ex Arrested AgainJesse James and his exes are making headlines day after day and they are really keeping it classy. First Kat Von D makes a horribly timed decision to get James’ face inked under her arm and now his ex-wife (no, not Sandy, the other, other, other ex), Janine Lindemulder, will be back in court again on harassment charges. This marks the second time this year the ex-porn star will face a judge for harassment. The offense? Twenty-five phone calls in two days. We’re assuming she didn’t take losing visitation rights of her daughter well.

However, as part of her sentencing in January 2011 stemming from similar actions, she was ordered to leave Mr. James and his wife, then girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend, alone. Jesse reportedly has voicemails from Lindemulder to back up his claims. No word yet on how severe her sentence could be if the charges stick. Given her shady legal standing, it’s probably not good.

Lindemulder was asked to seek treatment for addiction issues if she moved to California or face time if she had stayed in California. We’re wondering if this case will be dropped or if Jesse James’ ex-wife is setting herself up for another round of serious legal issues outside of her custody battle.


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