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Stevie Nicks on the edge of seventeen with America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent lent its stage to a legend Wednesday night — Stevie Nicks. Read on to see what new and classic songs she rocked out to.

America’s Got Talent put another group of four through to the semifinals this week. Poplyfe, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Lys Agnes and high diver Professor Splash all made the cut.

Stevie Nicks

And music legend Stevie Nicks hit the America’s Got Talent stage to perform her new single from In Your Dreams, For What It’s Worth — and for what it’s worth, she never sounded better.

Stevie Nicks is becoming quite the reality show guest.

First she sang with The Voice’s winner Javier Colon and Wednesday night she gave the talent on America’s Got Talent a taste of how it’s really done with two massive performances.

Check out Stevie Nicks’ first performance of the night and judge for yourself — we dare you to find something wrong with it.

As if one killer set wasn’t enough, Stevie Nicks returned to the America’s Got Talent stage to give fans a treat with a classic. She went old school with Edge of Seventeen. Take a look at the video and get ready to sing along.

What do you think of this season’s talent and musical guests? Is this season of America’s Got Talent keeping your interest or making you change the channel? Tell us your thoughts, we want to know.

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