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Bam Margera’s busted ribs pay for neighborly race

Bam Margera is in a world of hurt after challenging his neighbor to a race up the stairs. Care to guess who won?

In true Jackass style, Bam Margera is showing off evidence of a stunt gone awry. The 31-year-old posted the following picture to his Twitter account, revealing a few details of how the friendly race turned into a hospital visit.

Bam Margera Twitter pic

Wednesday morning, Bam Margera shared his painful picture, writing, “Hospital radness, bam bam may have broke ribs and arm from tackling the neighbor last night!”

TMZ reports that Margera says he was racing his neighbor up a set of stairs… and promised the guy he could have one of Bam’s skateboards if he won — but, “Somehow I wound up tumbling down the stairs.”

Oddly enough the Jackass star had successfully completed a skydive less than 24 hours before the stair race and ensuing rib-cracking fall. Perhaps Bam’s luck had better timing than it seems at first glance?

A tweet from friend @RedMohawkGeoff reveals Bam Margera is the unlucky owner of four broken ribs. No slowing down for recovery time, however, the pair is “now goin to visit Lil Wayne” who has a concert tonight in Ohio.

No word yet on if the neighbor, presumably victorious, was rewarded with one of Bam Margera’s skateboards.

Any sympathy from you for Bam Margera’s broken ribs?

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