True Blood’s Joe Manganiello gets down with nudity and raw meat

A role as True Blood‘s main werewolf hottie for actor Joe Manganiello means mandatory nudity on set, and a tolerance for raw meat following him wherever he goes.

Joe Manganiello - True Blood

Ever wonder what it’s like on the True Blood set with all those werewolves and shape-shifters? First you’ve got the animals to deal with, and as Joe Manganiello tells Chelsea Handler, you’ve got plenty of actors standing around “naked in broad daylight.”

Joe Manganiello, who plays True Blood‘s werewolf Alcide Herveaux, spoke with the Chelsea Lately host about baring all and working with his animal counterpart, a 120-pound timber wolf.

On filming True Blood scenes in which his character transitions from human to werewolf form, Joe Manganiello explains, “There’s a trainer behind you waving raw meat over your shoulder to try to get [the timber wolf] to do what they want.”

The 34-year-old continues, “And being a werewolf and transforming [into one] when he’s around… I’m usually naked in broad daylight with someone waving raw meat with like school buses of kids showing up!”

Yet it seems the fear of nudity is comforted by strength in numbers. Other cast members known to go nude when transitioning form include Sam Trammell, on-screen brother Marshall Allman and the season four support group of shifting friends.

Joe Manganiello explains his philosophy on going nude by recalling advice from another. “My manager used to say, ‘I don’t mind getting [expletive], as long as everybody else is getting [expletive] too.’ That’s kinda how it is with the nudity!”

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