Necessary Roughness: It’s Callie Thorne vs. Andrea Anders!

Callie Thorne’s Dr. Dani is just starting to get her footing on Necessary Roughness. Too bad Andrea Anders is coming to pull the rug out from under her this week! The Mr. Sunshine alum has joined the USA series as the Hawks’ team publicist — and Matt’s ex! SheKnows got the story from the dueling divas when we were on set in Atlanta.

There’s a fresh round of T.K. (Mehcad Brooks) drama afoot on Wednesday’s Necessary Roughness, so the Hawks call in the big guns to save the day — and this time, it’s not Dr. Dani. It’s high-powered publicist Laura Radcliffe, who plays the game very differently than Dani does.

Andrea Anders joins Callie Thorne's Necessary Roughness

“I don’t know that I’m necessarily the villain, but it’s definitely a curve ball for Dani,” Andrea Anders previewed. “It’s not good guy-bad guy, but just a difference in view of the world. Dani is a therapist. She believes very strongly in changing or healing from the inside out: My character [believes] if you fix the outside, the inside will follow. I doubt she believes in therapy.”

Laura is more interested in revamping T.K.’s public image than helping him out and that right there would be enough to put the women at odds, but a more personal issue quickly arises: Hunky trainer Matt (Marc Blucas). “Right away in the introduction, you can get an idea that we clearly have met each other before, in the biblical sense,” Anders teased.

Turns out, Laura has a serious past with Matt, while Dr. Dani has been fighting the instinct to mix business with pleasure. There have been some hot fantasies and a few close calls since she hooked up with him in the series premiere, but this new competition could be a game changer.

Jealousy is about to rear its ugly head and as fans know, this isn’t going to be your simple love triangle. There’s also some serious chemistry brewing between Dr. Dani and the mysterious Nico, which is something the Necessary Roughness powers that be didn’t see coming.

“It’s interesting, because it’s sort of a square,” Callie Thorne reflected. “We’ve got Dani and Matt and Nico and Andrea. I like that there’s going to be two different conflicts going on, in terms of love interests. It leaves it open for mass hijinks, in terms of whether one side of that triangle works or blows up in the other triangle’s face.”

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With all this potential for catfights, the ladies will try to play it cool. “There is a moment where we try to say, ‘Let’s not be two strong women who are going to be at each other’s throats,'” Thorne previews. “Whether or not that ends up staying true is going to be part of the fun.”

When SheKnows was on set, Anders’ stint was still just a four-episode arc, but she’s up for more drama. “That would be great,” she said. “Atlanta has been very nice to me, so I wouldn’t mind coming back.”

Anders’ guest gig on Necessary Roughness starts Wednesday, July 27.


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