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Fabio vs. Mustafa: Old Spice duel goes mano a mano en el bano

Fabio vs. Isaiah Mustafa for the crown of Old Spice guy — it’s a battle for the manliest man your man could smell like!

Long-haired sex symbol Fabio has challenged old Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa to an Internet duel. The pair are embroiled in a fierce battle, mano a mano en el bano.

Old Spice guy -- Isaiah Mustafa

So what’s Fabio’s deal trying to horn in on old Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa’s sweet gig? It all started last week with a series of clips featuring Fabio appearing to take Isaiah’s odoriferous place. The company explains, “Fabio claims he’s always up for an adventure and smells like the freshest places on earth thanks to Old Spice Fresh Collection.”

The aromatic throw-down is taking place on Old Spice’s YouTube channel. There both Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio are answering Facebook and Twitter questions from users in attempts to prove their Old Spice-yness superiority.

Here Isaiah responds to one Twitter user who asked if having more hair like Fabio would make him more manly.

And here Fabio responds to a separate Twitter user brash enough to write “Fabio sucks.” Perhaps the hate can be soothed with “fresh basils?”

The battle rages on, but it’s never too early to make a snap judgment and choose a side.

Tell us, is Isaiah Mustafa or Fabio your favorite Old Spice guy?

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