Daily Celebrity Buzz for July 26th, 2011

Check out today’s top celebrity news from around the web including Amy Winehouse, Taylor Momsen, Kat Von D and much more!

Amy Winehouse Blake Civil Fielding

Guess who Amy Winehouse‘s dad blames for her death? – Access Hollywood

Taylor Momsen is legal – Amy Grindhouse

Kat Von D gets some sense – Fabulous Buzz

Justin Timberlake loves the gays – Girls Talking Smack

Jessica Biel has a new gun – Caught On Set

Ben Affleck looks ridiculous – I’m Not Obsessed

Lauryn Hill is missing one baby daddy – Babyrazzi

Mariah Carey gets her crazy on – Celebrity Smack

Denise Richards takes her baby on the town – Starpulse

Britney Spears is gonna have a new boyfriend in 5, 4, 3, 2… – Hollywire

This is the last person Lindsay Lohan needs to be hanging out with – Celebrity Cafe

In Plain Sight spoilers – TV Fanatic

Jennifer Lopez is gonna make crazy cash – Reality TV Magazine


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