Kelly Rowland: Can she break free of Beyonce's shadow?

Jul 26, 2011 at 3:25 p.m. ET

Kelly Rowland’s third solo album, Here I Am, dropped today. Will this be the album to bring the former Destiny’s Child singer out of Beyonce’s shadow and into her own spotlight?

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland appears to be poised to take some of the limelight from her Destiny's Child counterpart, Beyonce, with her new album, Here I Am.

"One of the best parts of this album is the fact that there was nothing holding me back," Rowland told Billboard. "The only thing that could have been holding me back would be myself."

Rowland brought in some heavy hitters for her new album, including Lil Wayne, Big Sean, David Guetta, Rico Love and Ester Dean.

Destiny's Child, comprised of Rowland, Beyonce and Michelle Williams, broke up in 2005 with Beyonce going on to forge an ultra-successful music and film career. Rowland said she is used to being asked questions about Destiny's Child reunions and Beyonce.

"What kind of angers me a bit is just the fact that Michelle is in Destiny's Child, too, and respect her and know that it's three of us -- it's not two," she says.

And as far as a Destiny's Child reunion? "To be honest with you -- myself, Michelle and B -- we haven't talked about it. It has not come up in our conversations. We talk about everything else... But we haven't talked about that yet," she said.

Rowland insists that she, Beyonce and Williams remain friends that support each other. "It's just really great that we're all doing different things and we're all happy in our space," she says.

Watch a clip of Kelly Rowland's new video from Here I Am:








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