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Arnold Schwarzenegger files nicer divorce docs

Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a new response to Maria Shriver’s divorce petition, and this one is a lot more generous than the last.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s original divorce response, he asked for the judge to block spousal support and to deny Maria Shriver’s request that he pay her legal fees.

The move was shocking considering two things: The divorce is his fault in the first place since he has a secret love child with the maid, and their own son Christopher was in the hospital after a surfing accident when he filed the paperwork.

Now Schwarzenegger is backtracking on his crappy move by filing new paperwork reversing both requests. He is now not asking the judge to block spousal support or the legal fees.

The Sperminator’s camp says the original filing was an error, that Arnold’s lawyer simply checked off the boxes he usually checks off without consulting his client, and that Arnold was so distracted by his son being in the hospital that he simply signed the documents without reading them.

Likely story.

Anyway, things are back on track for as amicable of a divorce as possible under the circumstances.

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