Sam Huntington on Being Human’s wolf

Werewolves are often portrayed as violent, dark and sexy.

In the Syfy channel’s hit show Being Human, our fuzzy friend is a bit of a mess. We got to chat with star Sam Huntington last week at the San Diego Comic-Con about playing Josh and what’s up for him in season two.

Sam Huntington

Being Human werewolf Josh is having a rough time adjusting to life as a creature of the night.

Sure, he lives with his friends Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Sally (Meaghan Rath), but they’re a vampire and a ghost respectively.

He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and he certainly doesn’t want his family to know. And the end of last season?

Well, it was rough for poor Josh. We caught up with Huntington at Comic-Con last week and got a sneak peek at what’s coming for him in season two. Check out our video interview below.

Sam Huntington Q&A