Meaghan Rath on Being Human

Meaghan Rath plays the ghost Sally in the hit Syfy channel show Being Human. If you’re a fan of the BBC version, trust me. You’ll love this! (I’m a fan as well.)

We caught up with Rath backstage at the San Diego Comic-Con last week to chat about hurting your butt on concrete cushions, the love life of a ghost and how long it took to make her a ghoul.

Meaghan Rath in Being Human

It’s not easy being a ghost on Being Human! Meaghan Rath explained some of the difficulties when we got to participate in the round table discussions at Comic-Con last week.

The rest of the cast can’t touch her, she has to sit on concrete cushions and in the makeup chair for hours!

At the end of last season, she missed her door to the afterlife.

Rath gave us some info on what it’s like to shoot from the beyond and what’s coming up next for Sally.

Check out our video interview below.

Meaghan Rath Q&A