Bradley James gets royal on Merlin

Jul 25, 2011 at 4:05 p.m. ET

Bradley James plays the young prince Arthur on the hit BBC series Merlin. (It airs on the Syfy channel in the states.)

This past season he was turned into a donkey, battled his father in a tournament and unveiled the famous round table.

Bradley James

I was fortunate to be the moderator for the Merlin panel at the San Diego Comic-Con this past week where I got an exclusive chat with James backstage. Check out our video interview below.

On Merlin, Bradley James is about to take over for his father, King Uther (Anthony Head)... maybe.

His half sister is trying to take his future throne, his father is a mess and he has no idea his servant can do magic. Poor guy!

I got to chat with James about what's in store for the Prince in season four. Even better? The show was just renewed for season five!

Bradley James Q&A