Merlin’s Morgana, Katie McGrath, makes us smile

Katie McGrath plays Morgana on the hit BBC show Merlin, playing in the states on the Syfy channel. The show has just been renewed for a fifth season before the fourth has even aired! Good for us Merlin fans!

I got a chance to chat with McGrath backstage before I moderated the panel at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Check out our video interview below!

Katie McGrath in Merlin

Katie McGrath’s Morgana started out as the sweet king’s ward on Merlin, but after being betrayed and lied to, she’s become the big baddie of the kingdom.

She’s a dark magical presence and out to get the king and take the throne. McGrath, however, couldn’t be sweeter!

After chatting about how geeky we are (she’s into Star Wars and so excited to be at her very first Comic-Con), she gave us some info about the show, where her character is going and why it’s really Merlin’s (Colin Morgan) fault that Morgana is evil.

Katie McGrath Q&A


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